I met Ryan recently via Instagram. As it turned out we had a circle of mutual friends and a similar style and drive for creativity.

As most success plans will say, you are the people you hang around with and they should build you up. Now while I have a few close friends, I have not found another person to share artistic endeavors with. This is critical to artistic growth and success, you cannot always be a lone wolf. The most successful photographers I see are repeatedly in small tight knit groups that explore endlessly with each other. They build and grow off of each other. 

The main problem Ryan and I and many others have is the lack of ability to travel. As much as it sounds counter intuitive, seeing cliche, over seen places is beneficial, "no one has seen it through your eyes" says Ryan Longnecker (different Ryan). But with the addition of more creative parties, the places that can be reached can also been seen with new eyes. 

After adventuring for the first time with Ryan, I feel a boost of creativity now that there is another to bounce ideas off of and I hope to grow this and add more to my own local circle of artists.