A Spur of the Moment Shoot with Hannah

I sort of suck at this whole right up thing and I normally just display some images and call it a day, but this post is different! 

So I'm shooting with my good friend over at The Full Color Life, Hannah. She's pretty rad and super into fashion blogging, and being really good at actual blogging. I've wanted to shoot with her for a while but our schedules do not often match up. But it finally happened and I ecstatically took a train up to Chicago. 

The best part about the shoot was that it was about 95% hangout and 5% shooting, which is how all shoots should be in my opinion, especially when beer and Chipotle is involved! 

So what else did we do aside from taking photos? Glad you asked, we completely rearranged her studio apartment! I'm going back up sometime soon to get some more pics of the room itself. As a lover of all things modern and room related, and a vast collection of modern room pins on Pinterest we quickly turned her cramped living space into a bonafide minimal chic sleep palace. 

Why is this important for you to know? Well, the rearranging gave us and ENTIRE white wall to work with that was previously covered up by a bed. Now that the space is more open Hannah can do her own styled shoots and videos way easier and in cleaner back drop. 

But enough of the back story, what's the situation with the photos? Well I love minimal in every aspect, clothes, space, and the combination of people in space. It's not just a backdrop it's a physical environment that the model is utilizing and is SO SO SO important. I do not just say "hey stand over there by that wall" because it's pretty, I want to utilize the space in relationship to the model. But to be frank, sometimes a wall is just pretty. 

As we were shooting Hannah picks up a Vogue issue and I am super intrigued by the idea of beauty standards and actual beauty. Hannah, is quite lovely, but she is not a professional model. BUT I love photographing her so much more than models for one simple fact, SHE'S A REAL PERSON, not a caricature. And that is beauty. 

So please enjoy these images and check out Hannah's blog, She loves fashion, painting, and is full of life.