PORTRAITS - Starting at $150

Portraits are something near and dear to my heart. It's as close to experimental as I can get with another person. Through portraiture I can create some seriously unique imagery for the client. I provide artistically driven portraits that showcase the model in the best way possible. These are not just pictures, these are works of art featuring one person. Portraits also allow the client to be seen how they want to be seen, as an individual, as unique and beautiful.


COUPLES & ENGAGEMENTS - Starting at $250

Couple portraits and engagement photos are an extremely satisfying endeavor. As exciting as a wedding can be, there is something special about capturing uninterrupted intimacy between two individuals. The most rewarding thing about couple sessions is that I rarely have to direct. All of the action and posing comes straight from the shared connection. My favorite sessions are always the ones where I directed only a fraction of the shots, while the rest come solely from the couple's spontaneous interactions. 


WEDDINGS - Starting at $1000

The big day is finally here, and photography is just as important as planning the venue. Worthwhile photography for a wedding keeps the memories as magical as the day itself. I deliver the same artistic hand that I do with all other portraits. I strive to make the wedding photos display the raw emotion of the special day with artistically driven editing. My wedding photos will provide a bride and groom with a collection of photos edited to be viewed as a work of art.   

BRANDING: DESIGN - Starting at $250 

Everyone needs a solid and memorable design for their brand and I strive to bring honesty to a client's logo and brand identity. I create things the hard way, nearly all of my design work is hand drawn and hand inked on paper prior to using any digital software. My goal is to provide the same rustic and authentic quality that is reflective in my photo work. A font goes a long way and a hand drawn custom font will make your brand stand out. 

BRANDING: PHOTOGRAPHY - Starting at $350

Along with graphic design work, I have a passion for brand identity through photography and capturing the heart of company or product. The goal of photography in a commercial sense is to sell a product and that is not always achieved by a product shot with a white background. Products and services need to be experienced and that's what needs to be reflective in a products photo. Things need to be lived in, used, and frankly, beat up a little. All these attributes provide confidence in a consumer that a product is real and honest.